Idaho City's Pioneer Cemetery

Idaho City's Pioneer Cemetery Sign

Idaho City has been using this cemetery since 1863. Approximately 200 grave markers still stand and many of those have been repaired, restored, and maintained by the Idaho City Historical Foundation. It is estimated that 2,000 graves are scattered through the forty timbered acres. Of the first 200 graves, only 28 were for people who died of natural causes.

If you're searching your genealogy the cemeteries are always a great place to start hunting. If you know of a loved one that passed away in Idaho City and might be in the Pioneer Cemetery and you would like a picture of the headstone we'd be happy to offer our help. Contact us and give us your information and we will see what we can do for you. Of course, of the 2,000 plus graves only a few have headstones or markers.

E.L. Bertall

Born: April 19, 1821
Died: February 17, 1878

E.L. Bertall headstone
Francois Miller headstone

Francois Miller

Born: July 10, 1825
Died: September 5, 1868

J. Marion More: Idaho Mining Pioneer

Born: June 11, 1830
Died: April 1, 1868

Originally John N. Moore, he moved from his initial home in Anderson County, Tennessee (northwest of Knoxville) to a Locust Creek farm (west of Linneus) in Linn County, Missouri, where his father was a prominent Southern Methodist. His parents, Joseph C. Moore (May 1, 1791-May 19, 1873) and Jane Pate, were married in August 1829 in Knox County. Their eldest son, John, headed west to California as a gold rush emigrant at about age 20. Settling in Mariposa, he became an undersheriff to Thomas Early. After a little less than a decade in California, an embarrassing fracas induced him to head north to Washington, where he disguised himself as J. Marion More. From then on, he went to great care to conceal his original identity as John N. Moore, although many of his old Mariposa friends continued to remember him that way.

The sign next to the headstone reads:

"More came to the Boise Basin with the second prospecting party which arrived here in October 1862. He was one of the prominent leaders of this community in the early days. He was killed in Silver City in a mining dispute on April 1, 1868. More's Creek was named after him."

J. Marion More headstone J. Marion More sign
Melanie Rotthier headstone

Mrs. Melanie Rottier

Born: 1819 in Vracene, Belgium
Died: December 26, 1893

The Tregaskis Family

This wooden marker attached to one of the fences marks the final resting places of the Tregaskis family:

  • George: 1833-1879
  • Mary Eliza: 1834-1891
  • Mathilda: 1865-1871
  • Elizabeth: 1867-1882
Tregaskis Family marker
Elizabeth Zipf headstone Elizabeth Zipf gravesite

Elizabeth (Halpin) Zipf

Born: November 14, 1851 in Wisconsin
Died: June 5, 1871 in Idaho Territory

Her gravesite has a pine tree growing up through the middle of it, as seen in the picture.
Her mother Anna came from New York 1832 -July 25, 1884 Boise Idaho
Buried in the Pioneer Cemetery Idaho City, Idaho
Husband was Herman Zipf 1844-1898
Elizabeth had two children,

  • Albert E Zipf 1872 -
  • Lotti Ziph 1873 -

Annbelle Fitzgerald

Born: 1900
Died: 1901

Annbelle Fitzgerald headstone
Arlyn W. Derouin headstone

Arlyn W. Derouin

Born: August 18, 1929
Died: July 18, 1992

Sungwal Chanthichai Parsons Bowman, Lane

Born: July 5, 1946
Died: July 18, 1987

Sungwal Bowman headstone
Stephen Bowers headstone

Stephen Fon Bowers

Born: December 31, 1947 in Indiana
Died: September 6, 2002 in Idaho City, ID

Worked for the Boise County Sherriffs Department

Manetta Schrite

Born: December 14, 1908 in Butler Ward 1, Butler, PA
Died: March 3, 2005 in Idaho City, ID

Manetta was well known for her western hats that she sold around the country.
During World war II Manetta worked on our aircraft.
I remember her well for coming up to me and beating that one fist on my chest and saying "Are you listening to me sonny?" Manetta was an icon in our community.

Manetta Schrite headstone Manetta Schrite